Our Team

Working together with about 25 people (ground crew & catering team) and four pilots, the family business started in 1991 by Eric and Nancy has now been carried on to the second generation, Denis and Andreia.

Eric & Nancy Hesemans

Eric was born and bred in the DRC. Together with Nancy, they are the founders of Namib Sky. After having fled several wars in central Africa, they decided to head south. They finally found their little piece of paradise in the Namib desert where their dream was sparked!

Instructor and Designated Examiner for Namibia, Eric still loves his flying after 26 years in the Namib. He shouts a lot, but nobody takes him too seriously as he is the clown of the company! Eric and Nancy now run our seasonal operation in Zambia, and when not there they love to travel the world.

Denis & Andreia Hesemans

Denis grew up in the Namib Desert, surrounded by balloons in a big sand pit! With over two thousand flights he is the safety officer for Namib Sky as well as the Designated Examiner for Namibia. Ballooning is a second nature to him and when not in the air, you will find him in the Namib Desert looking for San pre-historical sites or catching snakes with his brother! His better looking half is without doubt Andreia, she is the general manager and keeps everyone sane. They say dynamite comes in small packages and once you meet her you will know why! Nothing escapes her and everything can always be improved if you ask her! Together they are the second generation of Namib Sky.

Eric & Nancy

Denis & Andreia

Denis & Andreia
Manie Namib Sky

Hermanus Nel

Please don’t call him Hermanus, only his mom is allowed to call him that… everyone else gets to call him Manie ;)

Manie has joined our team in 2014, and has flown in many different parts of the world throughout his flying career. With thousands of flying hours on his belt, he has earned the title for the world’s best pilot – if you ask his mom! His laugh is contagious and he is an amazing story-teller. Being from South-Africa he also loves a good braai and is an expert in identifying Springboks!



Meet our reservations genie! Janine is that sweet joyful voice answering your calls, and is the one responding to all your queries. She will make sure your bookings are done in the most professional way possible and that all our clients are on time for the early pick-ups!

Janine has been part of the family for many years already and after 10 years in the tourism industry she has finally joined the Namib Sky team. Janine not only loves bookings but she also loves cheesecakes, reading, Le Creuset and pineapples – no guavas.  



Laurent (Lenny, for those who have trouble pronouncing french) fell in love with ballooning while volunteering as a teacher at our Little Bugs ECD. He arrived from Belgium to gain some experience teaching young children at our community school. During the weekends, he also volunteered as a balloon crew member and very quickly fell in love with ballooning! Once the seed was planted, he went back to Belgium and decided to change career. After obtaining his European pilot licence he has finally returned to where he truly belongs; at the controls of a large flame, showing his passengers the Namib Desert from above! His love for ballooning is as contagious as his French accent!