Community involvement


With tourism on the rise, the local community is rapidly growing and the need for education and other services are on the rise. Namib Sky Community trust is focused on improving the lives of our beloved Sossusvlei community through education, economic empowerment, and sustainability. Through our three projects, we aim to empower community members with the skills they need to bring about positive change in Sossusvlei, Namibia and beyond.

Namib Sky
Commnunity School

Our mission is to introduce a safe, healthy and stimulating child- friendly environment for quality early childhood education and lower primary in the local community of Sossusvlei, accessible for all, in cooperation with the Ministry of Gender and Child Welfare, Ministry of Education and donors.

Children lying on the grass
Child Swinging
Children being taught
Children in the dunes
Plush Animals

Sewing Project

Beautiful things come together one stitch at a time. With our focus being on community development, we at Namib Sky Community Trust started, in which any person within the community is encouraged to join and learn new sewing techniques. All items are handmade and are sold to the public. The aim of the project is to create a sense of community while teaching a new skill and assisting the sustainability of the school.

Women Sowing

Green Thumbs

With a notable lack of rain and harsh weather conditions, many who have tried growing food in the desert have failed. As a result, the community sources their fresh produce from nearby towns and with the added cost of transport, this makes vegetables and fruits a luxury few can afford. With the help of UNESCO, we have built our very own greenhouse that provides seasonal vegetables and herbs. Our community school utilizes the fresh vegetables but it is our hope to grow the garden into an efficient, sustainable and highly productive garden thereby providing opportunities for local residents and producing food without harming our pristine desert environment. Along with the garden, we also have a wonderful chicken coop that provides us with fresh eggs!

Children watering plants
Children watering plants
Children watering plants
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